Our Top Selling Wedding Party Favor

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Our Top Selling Wedding Party Favor

Some would say that it's extremely counter intuitive to let your competition know what your best selling product is. It's also blasphemy to offer your customers a DIY alternative for something that sells well. We're all about sharing the wealth here at DrinkEveryday.

As you've probably surmised from the image that enticed you to come here... Our top selling party favor by far is none other than wedding party sunglasses.

What sets us apart?

While you can find sunglasses on the web for nickles on the dollar their quality reflects their price. Rough, cheap, flimsy, and single use come to mind. Our goal, for our customers, was to find an economically savvy pair without sparing quality. They needed to have proper UV protection to be used in the sun. Most of all they had to be good enough for the receiver to want to wear them after the party.

First of all you're going to want a clean and smooth finish on the frames themselves. Essentially, you want the experience to be good from the moment your customer opens the glasses themselves.


UV Protection is going to need to be at least 400. When you have this special coating on your lenses it blocks from 99 to 100 percent of UV Light. Protecting the eyes is essential.


Build quality is going to be above all when it comes to selecting the proper frames for your wedding. For the most part we've all received flimsy promotional sunglasses that we used at the beach. The legs were rough, hardly ever opened, and tended to break quite frequently. Spring hinges, not plastic, is what is going to set you apart from the rest.

Want to DIY yourself some Party Glasses?

Up until recently, our glasses have been used for our own consumption for our customers. We received an order, and fulfilled them already personalized for our clients.

DIY- Black High Quality Spring Hinged Wedding Sunglasses - Best Seller

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