Gender Reveal Black Custom Sunglasses | Personalized Naming | Celebration Party | Team Girl | Gender Suprise

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Team Girl and Team Boy have to be one of the toughest matches in the world. Have your Gender Reveal patrons choose which team they're going for as they adorn these beautiful sunglasses. This gives your party that little extra! We did these for a friend of ours that was going to have an outdoor gender reveal party

Listing Details:

  • This is the TEAM GIRL version of the sunglasses. (TEAM BOY available) *The price is PER frame.
  • We can customize the second leg to say the babies name too if you have it.

Sun Glass Details: These sunglasses are not your run of the mill sunglasses. These are higher quality sunglasses than those found on most websites.

  • Black Finish 
  • Spring Hinge ( not plastic hinge) - Makes for a sturdier frame.
  • Individually Wrapped: We wrap these individually in plastic sleeves for safer travel! 
  • UV Protection 400: Protects against UV Rays.
  • We use high quality vinyl for customization.