Goodbye Problems Wine Glass, Mommy Tipsy Gift, Makes me Happy Wine Lover, Lets get Drunk, Gift for Her

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Have a bunch of stress? Kids making you go crazy? Hard day at work? Well fill-er up and say goodbye problems! Wineglass style - Stemless Holds - 15oz of liquid Style - Goodbye Problems -= Cleaning the product =- We want these items to last you the longest w/o issue. Please hand wash all items sold by our store (unless otherwise noted). Do NOT machine wash!!! -= Custom Orders =- If you would like to change something with the design we're presenting you please do not hesitate to let me know if we can accommodate you. If its something simple that does not take too much to do I definitely won't have a problem trying to help you out! At the end of the day without you we're not selling. -= Additional =- Please note: These are glass wine glasses with Vinyl lettering stuck on them. Orders placed with First Class Shipping DOES NOT cover if the item is received broken or damaged. Orders placed with Priority Shipping DOES cover if the item if the item is received broken or damaged. A claim will be made and you will receive your item again.