Proposal Wine Glass, Marry Me, Marriage Wine Glass

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The idea behind this design is so the person whom you are proposing to has to drink from the glass. Eventually the person will be able to see the base of the glass which states " Will you marry me?". Please make sure you fill the cup wine glass prior to using this glass so your person to be doesn't automatically see it. can be done in - black , red, yellow , or white ---------------------- This is the price for the saying plus the wine glass. If you would like to add this to any of our wine glasses we can also do so! (much cheaper as an add on) -= Additional =- Please note: These are glass wine glasses with Vinyl lettering stuck on them. Orders placed with First Class Shipping DOES NOT cover if the item is received broken or damaged. Orders placed with Priority Shipping DOES cover if the item if the item is received broken or damaged. A claim will be made and you will receive your item again.